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Sports management- way ahead

Growing needs of sports industry

Sport industry comprises of all those activities, businesses and people involved in facilitating, organizing, promoting and producing products and services focused on sports. The growth of this industry can be attributed to growing importance of sports among people, improving socio-economic conditions of people and the enormous amount of exposure given to sports and sports persons. Media has been very constructive in bringing this industry to limelight. Investment from corporate sector had also given a completely new face to Indian sports scenario. It is estimated to be the next big thing in India. The people here have now moved on from cricket to other games too.

Performance Improvement

Various game leagues have organized their activities, which have not only generated interest among people but have also increased online consumption of these sports. This has in turn stirred interest of corporate giants and film stars, who are keen on making their investments more lucrative. Since the size of this industry is expanding, the Indian government too has allocated a substantial amount of aids needed by it. The government has granted a budget of US$ 262 million (Rs.1756 crore) for the year 2018-20.

The Sports Authority of India, set up under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and the sport-specific National Sports Federation have designed a program for the development of sports in this country.

Key features of the program are:

  • A pan-India scheme to provide annual scholarships of US$7,350 (Rs 500,000) to 1,000 young athletes for eight years;
  • Funding to 20 universities across the country to promote excellence in sports while pursuing education degrees;
  • Providing maximum access to organized sports to college and school children;
  • National fitness drive to measure and support fitness related activities for 200 million school going children;
  • Set up and use of open-gyms in public parks;
  • Use of technology, such as mobile apps, to promote sport and reach out to youth in rural or deprived areas of the country; and,
  • A national talent search portal set up under the Sports Authority of India for talent identification and management.
  • A national committee to study sports governance was set up recently. It consists of reputable sports persons, sports marketing professionals, and leading sports brands along with government representatives.
  • Private sector involvement in sports governance is limited to deals associated with public-private partnerships for specific task-related tenders, such as stadium management or overhaul of facilities.

These developments pave a way for a more mature and professional approach to management of this industry. At this rising stage, it is expected to provide opportunities to the all the people and organizations associated with it.According to Economic Times, 24th July, 2018, career in sports management is said to bring a lot of prospects in the coming years. For those who love sports, this field is both exciting and rewarding. This career seeks expertise of people from various disciplines to make it academically, professionally and ethically sound. Requirement of specialized skills beyond typical corporate environment, has led to the influx of career seekers in this industry.