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Event Management Industry

Growing Needs of The Event Management Industry

Events are part and parcel of Life. We cannot dodge them since they touch all attributes of our social existence. Weddings, engagements, social gatherings and birthday celebrations are all events which we often celebrate at the personal level.

The events industry is a dynamic, fast-paced sector offering opportunities to work on anything from small staff events to festivals, weddings to charity fundraisers. The events industry is thriving, and getting into a career as an events manager means getting in on a slice of a growing industry.

Performance Improvement

Qualifications can help you learn what you need to know to make it in the world of events management. Career in Event management is such that you can carry it anywhere in the world. The events industry has come a long way in the last few decades and is now about so much more than simply throwing a party. The events industry is not only very established; it’s growing consistently, fuelled by ever-growing demand for live experiences from the younger generation. Event management is a multi-million industry with events being organized almost daily. The size of Event management industry has grown at an alarming rate in the past decade in the Indian economy. Experts in the industry strongly believe that this is just the beginning of a new era. According to the surveys done by leading Research agencies, the organized Event Industry in India is poised to grow by at least by 20% annually and is estimated to reach INR 120000 crores. So making a career in event management is a good choice.

The success of an event manger depends upon how well he organized the event and up to which extent he is able to achieve event and marketing objectives. Over a period of the last five years, several universities and institutes have started introducing event management courses in their syllabus because of the demand and the power it holds in the market today.

Event management is all about keeping in order a focused and professional event for a certain target audience. It entails visualizing concepts, executing, organizing, budgeting and planning events. Working as an entrepreneur after two or three years of work experience is strongly recommended. If you can give value for money to your sponsors than sky is the limit for your income.

Event managers organize events such as product launching, theme parties, birthday parties, wedding celebrations, exhibitions, workshops, corporate seminars, company conferences, musical concerts, road shows, celebrity promotions, film awards, fashion, celebrity shows etc. It varies from large-scale international events to small time private events. A large team comprising of professionals is required to visualize concepts, plan budgeting, execute and organize events.

Category of Events

Charity: Charitable auctions, marathons, and fundraisers fall under this category.

Private: These include theme parties, award ceremonies, weddings, and anniversaries.

Corporate: These include conferences, seminars, meetings, team building event, trade shows, business diaries, press conference, networking event, opening ceremonies, and product launches.

With all its variety and exciting opportunities, pursuing a career in events is a decision that you are never going to regret.