SPORTS TRAINING   (Annual Planning) 


‘Sports Training is the basic form of preparation of Sportsmen’ put Simply It has three phases/ period or Season Theory of Methodology of Training.

1. Preparatory Period / Off Season

2. Competition Period/ On Season

3. Transitional Period.


Preparatory Period (6 Month)

Training Focus in Preparatory Period: 1 (3 Months)

1.Intensity Low

2.Volume of training High

3. Repetition High.

1. Basic Endurance     

2. General Strength Conditioning.

3. Mental Toughness.

4. Active Rest (Playing Different Team Sports)

5. General coordinative Abilities.

6. General Flexibility


Preparatory Period: 2 (2 Months)

1.Intensity Gradually Increasing

2. Volume Gradually Decreasing

3. Factors are Developed which are directly related to Sports Performance.

4. Maintenance of Previously developed Training state.

1. General Endurance.

2. Strength Endurance

3. Speed Endurance

4. Circuit Training

5. Agility Training

6. General Flexibility

7. Active Rest.





Preparatory Period: 3(1 Months) Conversion Phase

1.Volume Gradually Decreased

2. Intensity Increased.

3. Skill Practiced as a whole.

4. Automatisation is Achieved

5. Volume of team tactics considerably increased.

6. Theoretical session continues.


1. Specific Endurance

2. Maximum Strength

3. Specific Speed

4. Strength Based Circuit Training

5. Endurance Based Circuit Training

6. Specific Agility

7. Specific Flexibility

8. Practice Matches are emphasized


Competition Period (3 Month)


1. Recovery and Recuperate from fatigue is Increased.

2. Skills are practiced from tactical aspects.

3. Training for direct preparation for Competition.

1. High Specific Training

2. Specific Sports or event Fitness

3. Tactical training

4. Recovery Increased.

5. Matches Increased.

6. Trail Increased.

7. Strategically and Theoretical preparation.



Transitional Period.

1. Playing Other Sports

2. General exercises are used

3. Volume and Intensity is reduced

4. Participation in Recreational activities

5. Mental fitness

6. Competition should be avoided


Training Load


Training Load is the Process of tackling training and competition demands which cause temporary disturbance of psychic and physical state of homeostasis.


External Load:

Training & Competition Demands

  • Work Done

  • Distance Run

  • Number of Jumps/Repetitions

  • Total duration of Activity.


Internal Load:

Degree of Load

  • Magnitude of psychic and physiological

  • Heart rate changes

  • Lactic acid concentration in blood oxygen consumption.

  • Symptoms of fatigue.


Classification on the basis of Energy System.


  • Aerobic Load

  • Anaerobic Load

Classification on the basis of magnitude of load. (Quantitative)







Sub maximum


Maintenance & Development






Active Rest


Written by: Mr. Dilip Pandey, National Athletic Coach (NIS Patiala)

Date: 15/06/2020