A new Era of Virtual Events in the Dynamic Event Management Industry
The Covid-19 pandemic came out of the blue as an uncalled event and left us to a virtual standstill. In all; the on-field Events got canceled or postponed. But it is not all gloom doom, as we humans are a versatile race and are able of making the best even in the worst scenarios. So what if live on-ground events cannot happen but by not violating the social distancing rule, live on social media events can happen.

                           The Event Management Industry is now adopting and holding on to virtual events. With such a potent technology of internet present within us, and we being in such a world of socially active lives, we can interact and experience the arts which pique our interests. And the Virtual Event is any organized meet-up that takes place online rather than in a physical location.

                           A virtual event enlists the power of technology to deliver an online space that enables collaboration of thought, knowledge and best working practices between participants. Using a complete portfolio of information delivery mechanisms, e.g. video, chat, document download, the virtual event also mirrors live events in order to engage fully with an audience that is unfettered by geographical or language barriers.

                        Managing of such events can be as impactful as real-life ones and are less expensive to create. While reserving an ample space in a prominent event may setback a business by several crore rupees, creating a virtual event will be far less expensive. Furthermore, a virtually created program can be reused in all future events. Hence the cost savings of a virtually created event are significant. Another huge advantage of creating a virtual event is that it can be visited at any time of the day from people living in any part of the world. The people engaged in it also feels really connected to the harp community around the world

                         For event managers, the continuing growth of virtual events creates new ways of connecting with larger audiences and best of all the technology is robust enough to make walking through a virtually created world effortless and enjoyable.

                        Lastly, even if the event’s goal is to generate revenue with the event, virtual events can help you get there too. While event cancellations certainly incur significant expense, pivoting to a virtual event quickly can recuperate some of those losses. No additional venue reservations, catering, or transportation costs required. With relatively low margins to produce and operate, selling virtual tickets is a great way out of turning a profit.